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 AMB Sensor

Sensor Type


Thermocouple : J, K, T or N          Pt100 : 2, 3 or 4 wire


Thermistor : 2 wire                      Pt1000 : 2, 3 or 4 wire

Junction Types

Grounded or insulated (Generally grounded for thermocouples)

Sheath Material

316 grade stainless steel tube

Bayonet Cap Types

11.5mm ID 1 slot

12.5mm ID 2 slot

15.0mm ID 2 slot

Cable Types

Generally fibreglass inside stainless steel armour (350C)

Termination types

            Stripped tails       Tails with crimp terminals

        Miniature 2 pin plug (or socket)      Standard 2 pin plug (or socket)

3 pin version of the above connectors can be fitted for Pt100 & Pt1000 sensors

Note : Custom connectors can also be fitted


  The standard glass filled plastic connector is rated to 200-220C

 A higher rated glass filled plastic is available, rated to 350C

            A ceramic connector can also be fitted. This is rated to 500C but please note these connectors

are fragile due to their material.