L300-TC Thermocouple Data Logger

with 8 channel10A Relay Alarm / on-off output


An 8-channel self calibrating data logger with up to 0.01C resolution.
8 x 10A relay o/p's
USB PC interface + software.

The thermocouple thermometer with alarm / on-off control can be used in conjunction with a PC to provide accurate, versatile 8 channel measurement, scanning and logging of measured values and alarm / on-off control of up to 8-zones simultaneously. It can also be used as a "stand alone" indicator / logger and incorporates a digital display of measured temperature.

The in-built, self-calibration facility for the thermocouple version is a rapid and convenient method for on-site calibration and does not require and additional equipment other than a special, external link.

The unit is designed to provide exceptional stability with high measurement resolution and represents an ideal crossover between plant practicality and laboratory performance at a very competitive price.

The PC software supplied with the instrument allows control, configuration, measurement, logging, charting, alarm and relay configuration and calibration functions.

  • Low Cost - high performance

  • USB PC Interface

  • 8 thermocouple (type J,K,T,E,N,R,S & B) inputs

  • Built-in display for selected channel or all channels auto-scrolling

  • Resolution 0.1 Deg C on display, 0.01 Deg C in software

  • Self-calibrating feature

  • Select Deg C / Deg F

  • PC software included for remote control and measure, logging, configuration and calibration

  • 8 x configurable change-over relays 10A/250V
  • Simple operation

  • CE marked

  • RoHS compliant

  • 2 year warranty


  • Thermocouples J, K, T, E & N

                                      better than +/-0.1 Deg C +/-0.1% of range -100 Deg C to span

                                      (Zero to span Type N)

                                      better than +/-0.1 Deg C +/-0.15% of range -101 to -200 Deg C (J, K, T & E)

            Thermocouples R, S & B

                                      better than +/-0.1 Deg C +/-0.15% of range

  • Linearisation       +/-0.05 Deg C

Zero Drift                         +/-0.01% of span per Deg C

Span Drift                        +/-0.01% of span per Deg C

Display                            LCD, backlight

Display resolution           0.1 Deg C

User Interface                 Front panel keys for channel No. or auto-scan selection, relay configuration and alarm parameters.

                                        8 x LED indicators for relay actuation. PC software for all other functions.

Indication                        Channel No., measure temperature (Deg C or Deg F)

Sensor open circuit         Upscale indication

detection & indication

Ambient operating          0 to 50 Deg C


Storage temperature      -20 Deg C to 70 Deg C

Input terminals               8 x Thermocouple: mini connectors

PC interface                   USB

Power supply                 6Vdc (5.5-9.0V) via universal mains adaptor (supplied) 120-250Vac 50/60Hz

Logging interval             5 seconds to 1 hour

On-board memory         512 sets of readings

PC software                  Supplied as standard on CD-ROM.

                                      Remote control & measure:-

                                      Log readings to file

                                      Download to PC

                                      Logging, calibration

Dimensions                   214mm width x 143mm depth x 78mm high

Alarm / Control

Alarm modes                 High, low, band, control

Relay contacts              x3, normally open, common and normally closed

                                      (The normally open position is standard when the relay is de-energised)

                                      Rated 10A/250V resistive load

                                      Relays 1 to 8 can be assigned to any input and polarity (normal or reverse).

Standard package includes L300, power supply adaptor, USB lead, PC software and instruction manual (on CD) and external link.