C-Series Multipoint Temperature Control System


The C Series is a multi-channel temperature control system which consists of features such as a power source host link unit and 2-channel temperature control unit.

Usage of a "CC-Link", link unit which allows you to connect to a higher speed open network.

Shinko touch panel unit can be connected to a temperature control unit without programming, and easily performs various settings (setting parameter for temperature control, temperature alarm function, heater burnout alarm function, etc).

By connecting to the PLC corresponding to "CC-LINK" or to other instruments or control instruments, multiple monitoring tasks can be carried out.

Save space and wiring with size reduction.

Interactive simple operation

Connectable to CC-Link compatible devices

Simple connection and removal

Modules include :

CCT-235-2x/x            2 channel input/output temperature control unit.

CCT-235-x/x Dx        1 channel input/output temperature control unit with Heating/Cooling control

These units take thermocouple / RTD, DC current or DC voltage inputs, offer PID, PD or on/off control and have Relay, non-contact voltage or DC current output with Heater burnout alarm (optional)

CPT-20A                    A link unit to supply power to the CCT-235 and for communication with a host computer, etc

This unit supplies a communications line RS-422A (RS 485) at 9600/19200 bps, Half Duplex.

CIT-200                     A link unit to connect between PLC and C Series instruments

This comms unit offers PLC-CIT using RS-232C / RS422A (RS485) or CPT-CIT using RS422A (RS485)

CLT-200                    A link unit to connect CC-Link master unit

This comms unit offers RS422A (RS485)

CLT-20S                    A link unit to exchange data between PC and CCT-235

This comms unit offers PC-CCT using RS-232C / RS422A (RS485) at speeds 2400/4800/9600/19200 bps

COT-200                   A console unit for setting and monitoring one channel at a time.

                                  Up to 20 points of temperature setting and monitoring can be performed.

CBT-200                   The base unit to mount modules CPT, CCT and CLT.

The base unit comes in two options CBT-205 (1xCPT-20A + 5xCCT-235 max) or CBT-210 (1xCPT-20A + 10xCCT-235 max)