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About Testemp

We manufacture and distribute a wide range of temperature sensors throughout the UK.

Please feel free to contact us on +44 (0) 1903 714140 for any questions about our products.

Alternatively you can email or fax +44 (0) 1903 717435.

Testemp was founded in 1970 by Bevis Billingham.
Bevis went to University College London then started his career working at West and was then headhunted by Eurotherm where he opened their European branch in Germany. It was there he was able to gain a vast amount of knowledge and experience. After two years he decided that it was time to start his own business and it has been thriving ever since.

In 2005 after 40 successful years at the helm Bevis decided to take a step back from his day-to-day role and Pierre Barnard was handpicked as the ideal candidate to continue to push Testemp as a leader and innovator in temperature measurement.

Pierre, who started his career with Eurotherm and completed his ONC and HNC whilst there, then studied for his Bsc degree in Mathematics and Computers at The Open University, has over 35 years of experience and has since gone on to oversee significant growth at Testemp and has also trained each member of Testemp production staff in all areas of sensor manufacturing to ensure that whatever the requirement the highest degree of quality is always met.

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Alongside Testemp's own range of temperature controllers, was the growing range from our Japanese supplier Shinko Technos. With a worldwide distribution of agents Testemp established themselves as a loyal reseller of their range that now exceeds 40 years.

Over this period, Testemp has distributed a wide range of analogue and digital temperature controllers and temperature sensors.

Many of these units are now obsolete but can easily be updated with the current models detailed in the controller section of our website.

As Testemp has grown it has expanded its range of products into other industrial areas.

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In 2006 as Shinko decreased its production of analogue controllers, Testemp established that there was still a wide market for the basic dial analogue controller and became a UK distributor for Brainchild’s range. Concentrating in two products in particular, the BTC-901 and BTC-404 have grown to become regular products to a wide variety of industries. With a requirement for 72mm x 72mm square controllers becoming more popular Testemp has now added BrainChild’s latest digital controller model, the C72 to its range.

As markets grow and change, Testemp is keen to explore new areas and develop products to meet new applications.

Please feel free to contact us on
+44 (0)1903 714140 for any questions about our temperature sensors and temperature controllers.

Alternatively you can email
or fax +44 (0) 1903 717435.

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